Basis of taxation

All companies tax resident of Cyprus are taxed on all their income accrued or derived from all sources in Cyprusand abroad. A non Cyprus tax resident company is taxed on income accrued or derived from a business activity which is carried out through a permanent establishment in Cyprus.

A company is resident of Cyprus if it is managed and controlled in Cyprus.

Corporation tax rates

Tax rate %



Public corporate bodies



Type of income

Exemption limit

Interest income not arising from the ordinary activities or closely related to the ordinary activities of the company


Dividends income

the whole amount

Profit from the sale of securities

the whole amount

Profits of a permanent establishment abroad, subject to certain conditions

the whole amount


All expenses incurred wholly and exclusively in earning the income of the company including:

Type of expense

Exemption limit

Interest incurred for the acquisition of a fixed asset used in the business

the whole amount

Expenditure incurred for the maintenance of a building in respect of which there is a Preservation Order

up to €342, €513 or €598 per sq. meter (depending on the size of the building)

Donations to approved charities (with receipts)

the whole amount

Employer's contributions to social insurance and approved funds on employees' salaries

the whole amount

But not including:

Type of expense

Exemption limit

Business entertainment expenses including hospitality expenses of any kind which are incurred for the business

amounts in excess of 1% of the gross income or €17.086 (whichever is the lower)

Expenses of a private motor vehicle

the whole amount

Interest applicable to the cost of acquiring a private motor vehicle, irrespective of its use and to the cost of acquiring any other asset not used in the business

the whole amount for 7 years

Professional tax

the whole amount

Immovable property tax

the whole amount

Contributions to the Social Cohesion Fund

the whole amount

Losses carried forward

The tax loss incurred during a tax year and which cannot be set off against other income, is carried forward and set off against future profits with no time restriction.

The current year loss of one company can be set off against the profit of another provided the companies areCyprus tax resident companies of a group.

Group is defined as:

a)    one company holding at least 75% of the shares of the other company

b)    at least 75% of the voting shares of the companies are held by another company

A partnership or a sole trader transferring business into a company can carry forward tax losses into the company for future utilisation.

Losses from a permanent establishment abroad can be set off with profits of the company in Cyprus. Subsequent profits of the permanent establishment abroad are taxable up to the amount of losses allowed.


Transfers of assets and liabilities between companies can be effected without tax consequences within the framework of a reorganisation.

Reorganisations include:

a)    mergers

b)    demergers

c)     transfer of activities

d)    exchange of shares

Capital Allowances

The following allowances for the annual wear and tear which are given as a percentage on the cost of acquisition are deducted from the chargeable income:

Fixed assets


Plant and machinery

Fork lifts, excavators, loading vehicles, bulldozers and oil barrels


Motor vehicles of all types except from private saloon cars


Personal computers (hardware) and operating software


Application software

up to €1.708,60


above €1.708,60

33 1/3

Plant and machinery used in agriculture


Water drillings, industrial carpets, video recorders, televisions


Any other plant and machinery



Metallic frame of greenhouses


Wooden frame of greenhouses

33 1/3

Industrial, agricultural and hotel buildings





Sailing vessels


Steamers, tugs and fishing boats


Shipmotor launches


New cargo vessels


New passenger vessels


Used cargo/passenger vessels

Over their
useful lifes


All tools in general

33 1/3

Videotapes used by video clubs


Special Modes of Taxation

Shipping companies

No income tax is payable on the profits earned or dividends paid by a Cyprus shipping company which owns ships under the Cyprus flag and operates in international waters (including chartering), or on the salaries of officers and crew of such ships

The exemption also applies to the bare boat charterer of a vessel flying the Cyprus flag under parallel registration

Local or international ship management and crew management businesses (corporated or unincorporated) have the option to be taxed either at the rate of 4,25% or at rates equal to 25% of the rates used to calculate tonnage tax of vessels under management which are registered outside Cyprus. If no election is made tonnage tax will be imposed. The election is made annually by 30 November of the previous year.

Royalty income - Intellectual property rights etc

The gross income arising from intellectual property rights, other exploitation rights, compensations or other similar income arising from sources within the Republic, of a person who is not resident in the Republic, is subject to withholding tax at a rate of 10%.

Royalties received by a connected company registered in a European Union member State are exempt from tax (subject to conditions).

Rights granted for use outside the Republic are not subject to any withholding tax.

Film royalties etc

The gross income derived by a non-resident person in respect of royalties arising from film projection in the Republic is subject to withholding tax at a rate of 5%. Royalties received by a connected company registered in aEuropean Union member State are exempt from tax (subject to conditions).

Profits of professionals, entertainers etc

The gross income derived by a non-resident individual from the exercise in the Republic of any profession, vocation or public entertainment services including football teams and other athletic missions, is subject to a 10% withholding tax.