Purchase of property has always been considered to be one of the solid, less volatile forms of investment. Investors tend to prefer property due to:

Potential capital growth (increase in value)

Ongoing rental return

Tax benefits

Capital returns vary according to the market in which investments are made and, chosen in the correct location, property can offer better returns than any other form of investment.

There are many factors to be taken into account and capital growth projections are always an important consideration when choosing your particular investment strategy.


PENAP Group of Companies and its associates have been involved in property consulting for a number of years, assisting clients in buying, investing, renting, selling or constructing properties in Cyprus. Our services are based on careful planning and are tailored to both our clients' personal and business situation.

We deal with all matters relating to freehold and leasehold property, including transactions and disputes involving commercial and residential property for both individual and corporate clients, such as:

sale agreements

acquisition of property by foreigners

property management for non-residents

estate planning and administration